About ORA

About Ora

For generations, Māori people of Aotearoa have sourced natural ingredients from Papatūanuku — our revered earth mother — to help heal and nurture. But these traditions have remained part of our heritage, our culture, and our whānau — until now.

Our journey

In 2009, our story began when three Ngati Kahungunu sisters — Tessa Davis, Adele Anderson and Karen Renata — decided to create an exceptional range of premium natural beauty products using traditional Māori knowledge.

We called it Ora — because at the heart of our products lies the very essence of that word — life, health and vitality.

Mamaku and Ora

In all our products is our unique and powerful blend of Mamaku (the black fern) extract. Historically, Māori recognised Mamaku as a powerful healer — using it for rejuvenating, cooling and hydrating the skin. Having taken this traditional remedy, we have developed and refined the harvesting and manufacturing process to create the most potent Mamaku extract possible — the core ingredient in our range of natural body care products.

Ora and the world

With the blessing of our people, we give you a gift from our world to yours — a range of premium products from Aotearoa New Zealand that will enhance your natural beauty and revitalise your spirit. Our products have been rigorously tested and use only the best natural ingredients sourced from Aotearoa. We hope you love them as much as we do.