Aotearoa’s native Tree Fern Mamaku (or the Black Fern) contains a powerful healing extract that has been used by Māori for centuries to soothe and revive.

Mamaku in nature

In the forest, Mamaku fronds — growing up to 6m in length — form a stunning umbrella-like canopy to ensure the plants below retain the vital moisture they need to thrive. The koru fronds have become a national symbol of regeneration, new life and new beginnings. For generations, the spiral shoots were a traditional food of Māori, while the plant’s extract was known as a powerful healer, used for rejuvenating, cooling and hydrating the skin.

Mamaku and your skin

Just as Mamaku works to protect and heal in nature, so too does the extract revive your skin, promoting youthfulness and repair.

By refining the harvesting and manufacturing process, we have created the most potent Mamaku extract possible — which is the core ingredient of our unique natural beauty products.

Our extensive range includes our Mamaku Revival Gel, which can be used to repair dry, damaged skin, including burns and scarring, while all our products leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and radiant.