Ora Body Cream

Ora Body Cream

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Rejuvenate and hydrate

Luxuriously fragrant and combining the rejuvenating properties of Mamaku, Ora Mamaku Body Cream is the best gift for your skin. Intensely hydrating, this soft body cream is designed to promote skin repair and rejuvenation. Enjoy a daily pampering to reveal the best skin you've ever shown off this summer!

This is the perfect compliment to our Mamuka Exfoliating Body Scrub – that invigorates and refreshes your skin.

Mamaku Extract: (Cyathea Medullaris):
Mamaku Gel softens and boosts hydration effectiveness improving the skin softness and skin barrier function. Traditionally used by Maori for generations to soothe redness and skin irritation.     
Pohutakawa Extract (Metrosideros excelsa): 
 The bark contains Ellagic Acid which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Pohutukawa, used topically in traditional Maori herbal medicine (Rongoa) for wounds and abrasions.
Kowhai Extract (Sophora Microphylla / Tetraptera):
Known for its high antioxidant bioactivity. Its natural antimicrobial properties, the Kowhai extract, helps calm and condition the skin.  Kowhai is used topically in traditional Maori herbal medicine (Rongoa) for itchy skin complaints.